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Are you tired of traditional staffing processes that yield mediocre results? Our direct-sourcing platform with over 6.5 million qualified candidates and cutting-edge features is here to change the game. SimplifyHire can transform your hiring process and manage contingent hiring end to end.

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Switch Between
Entities with Ease

SimplifyHire includes a multi-entity enterprise (MSP) module, making it easy to manage multiple entities from a single platform, streamline your staffing process, improving collaboration and overall efficiency.


Showcase Your Clients’ Unique Branding and Culture

Improve visibility, elevate your clients’ employer brand and attract top talent by creating branded career pages. Differentiate yourself and build long-term partnerships by offering valuable services to your clients.


Shorter Hiring Cycle, Faster Hiring

No more hassle of manually posting job listings to job boards, quickly post hundreds of jobs to multiple channels. Easily manage jobs for a number of clients, and reduce job ageing. Let SimplifyHire handle the heavy lifting for you.


Reach The Right Candidates

With our campaign management feature, you can target specific groups of candidates with tailored messaging. With automated workflows save time and worry, avoid delays and enjoy the hike in efficiency.


Access a Large Pool of Qualified Candidates

Along with ATS integration capabilities, get access to a pool of over 6.5 million qualified candidates. Easily find contingent workers with the right skillset and with various modes of engagement to create a positive candidate experience.


Harnessing DE&I For A More Inclusive Hiring Process

By prioritizing diversity and using direct souring to create a more inclusive hiring process, you can attract a wider range of candidates and help enterprises build a more representative team.


Actionable Insights For Informed Decision-Making

Whether you’re looking to measure the success of a specific campaign or identify areas for improvement in your overall hiring process, our platform has the insights you need. Optimize your hiring process, increase efficiency, and ultimately save time and money.


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