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Neurodiversity Career Connector: Empowering Neurodivergent Job Seekers​

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Neurodiversity @ Work Employer Roundtable, founded in 2017, is a collaborative initiative aimed at promoting neurodiversity-focused hiring practices among employers. With a shared belief that organizations thrive when they leverage the unique talents of their employees, the Roundtable is committed to connecting neurodivergent job seekers with meaningful employment opportunities. In addition to job matching, the Roundtable provides training and support to facilitate career growth and success. The Neurodiversity Career Connector, a marketplace launched by the Roundtable, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor by enabling job seekers to explore job openings and connect with a wide range of employers.​

Product Overview​

Hiring Experience:​

The Neurodiversity Career Connector offers a user-friendly online platform at​

Neurodiversity Career Connector​

It equips enterprise firms with several modules and features to streamline the hiring process:​

  • Job Management Module: Hiring managers can effortlessly post job openings by either uploading relevant documents or creating jobs from scratch in just two simple steps.​

  • Application Module: The system tracks all applications, enabling swift follow-up actions and facilitating efficient communication between employers and candidates.​

  • Interview Module: This module helps employers track and manage all interview-related activities, ensuring seamless coordination between interviewers and candidates.​

  • Offers Module: Employers can send, accept, or decline offers through this module, simplifying the offer management process.​

  • Hiring Team Module: Employers can add and extend hiring team members effortlessly, ensuring smooth collaboration among team members.​

  • Reports: The platform provides comprehensive reports that offer valuable insights into the hiring process, including the current pipeline, application sources, historic pipeline, time to hire, and hiring velocity.​

Neurodiversity and its Scope​

“Neurodiversity refers to the range of differences in individual brain function and behavioural traits, regarded as part of normal variation in the human population. Through this strengths-based framework, autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, and otherwise neuro-distinct people have unique strengths and support needs in the context of employment. By understanding these strengths and support needs, Roundtable members have gained a competitive advantage through neuro-inclusive design.“​


The Neurodiversity Career Connector aims to address the following questions for both employers and job seekers:​

Employers: How can I effectively reach out to neurodivergent job seekers?​ Job Seekers: Where can I find employers who actively hire and support neurodivergent individuals?​

Candidate Experience:​

For candidates, the Neurodiversity Career Connector provides a holistic dashboard that offers the following features:​

  • Profile Completion Monitoring: Candidates can track their profile completion progress and receive prompts to ensure they present a comprehensive profile to potential employers.​

  • Job Overview: The dashboard provides a summary of jobs saved, jobs applied to, job offers received, and interviews scheduled.​

  • Profile Performance: Candidates can gain insights into the visibility and impact of their profiles, including profile views and downloads.​

  • Skills Cloud: The platform showcases a skills cloud that highlights the skills and expertise of candidates, enhancing their visibility to potential employers.​

  • Seamless Job Application: Candidates can effortlessly view and apply to all available jobs on the platform with just a couple of clicks.​

  • Chatbot Assistance: A chatbot service is available to guide candidates through the job application process, answer frequently asked questions, and connect them with concierge desk support for resolving queries.​

Platform Statistics​

The Neurodiversity Career Connector has gained significant traction, with the following statistics:​

  • 1,468 job seekers are actively utilizing the platform to explore job opportunities.​
  • The platform has partnered with 48 employers who are committed to neurodiversity-focused hiring practices.​
  • Currently, there are 65 active jobs, 34 paused Jobs, 286 Closed Jobs, 32 Draft Jobs and 10 Offered Jobs​ is a leading direct sourcing talent acquisition platform that helps businesses of all sizes find, engage, and hire the right talent quickly and cost-effectively. With its powerful AI-driven technology, enables recruiters to source more than 100 million passive candidates from over 200 countries and territories. also provides automated candidate engagement and comprehensive reporting to help its users make informed decisions. With features like multi-language search, auto-follow-up, and candidate outreach, is helping companies save up to 60% of their time in the hiring process and reduce their cost-per-hire by up to 70%. More than 5,000 businesses around the world, including the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM, are leveraging to optimize their recruiting efforts and build top-performing teams.​

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