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How a food delivery company specializing in real-time logistics optimization scaled its Workforce with Volume Hiring using​

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Cover the basics to improve efficiency​

After a $160 million round of funding in 2019, the customer was tasked with scaling the organization across North America. Little did they know this would mean increasing headcount 15 times over within three years.​

When it came to building scalable processes, the then Talent Acquisition Lead, quickly realized that the customer’s application tracking system was not up to the task. Scheduling interviews was especially painful: their system of record couldn’t schedule group interviews and didn’t support candidates to self-schedule changes. On top of that, it was difficult to track the metrics needed to analyze and optimize their TA function. “It seems so obvious that interview scheduling and analytics are two things an ATS should do well,” the Head of Talent Excellence said. The customer went shopping for a new ATS and found​​

Better collaboration supports volume hiring​

When implementing, the customer’s goal wasn’t only quantitative improvements, such as more hires in less time and better conversion rates, but also qualitative factors such as hiring team collaboration. With, the customer now had the means to customize hiring teams​

to specific roles. The simplicity of the system drove engagement with hiring managers and interviewers alike. “It’s been completely seamless from scratch, “the Head of Talent Excellence said. ​

Once the customer had the process down in one market, it was easy to build out the teams in each additional market. To refine hiring processes, the customer utilized hiring marketing data and introduced AI.​

About the Customer​

  • Industry: Platform Commerce​
  • Region: North America​
  • Employees: 6000+​
  • Offices: 23 Countries and 250+ Cities​
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA​
  • Hiring Model: Decentralized

The customer is best known for its app-based food delivery service. From its headquarters in San Francisco, the customer develops a wide range of technologies from local logistics to retail software and financial solutions. It also operates Market Grocery stores.​ ​

The company was founded in 2014 and operates in 27 countries today, 23 of which are with the customer’s product and brand.​

Implementing was a game changer for volume hiring. We scaled from 1,000 to over 6,000 employees without the need for a bigger hiring coordination team.​

-Head of Talent Excellence​

We’ve been able to hire for over 50+ stores now just using a team of four recruiters. It’s a testament to how well the system works.​

-Head of Talent Excellence​

Data speaks the language of business​

The struggle with spreadsheets is over for the customer’s TA team because data from integrates with their business reporting tool. “There’s no more scampering around trying to pull different pieces here and there from clunky dashboards, “the Head of Talent Excellence said. “The data is speaking the language of business in the way we like to present it.” ​

Without the volume of hires the Head of Talent Excellence’s team made between the last round of funding and the acquisition, the customer would not have succeeded. With, “You just go straight into the system to find what you need, and the business can use it as they see fit,” the Head of Talent Excellence said.​

Key Outcomes​

  • 15X headcount growth​
  • 30,000 candidates interviewed​
  • hiring team grew from 10 to 65​
  • Time to hire decreased from 118 to 45 days​
  • Team handles 14,000 applications per month​

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