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How one of the largest providers of in-home care in North America cares for the Candidate Experience with​

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Competitive Hiring in a Regulated Industry​

For the customer, having the right people to care for elderly North Americans is crucial to its success. Before getting hired, the company’s in-home care workers must pass a pre-hire assessment, a police background check, and a reference check. They also must show a valid CPR certification, driver’s license, and proof of insurance. Many of their workers do not have personal computers at home, and the client competes with employers in hospitality and retail that do not have such extensive hiring requirements.​

The company’s previous ATS slowed down hiring, resulting in a high candidate drop-off rate. Recruiters had too much administrative work from disconnected systems for the assessment and background checks. They could only communicate with candidates via phone or email, while most prefer SMS.​

If the client could hire more efficiently, the business could grow faster because its services are in high demand. The Head of Talent Acquisition at the client organization, took on the challenge when he joined the company. He proposed a switch to because of its strengths in factors such as automation, candidate experience, reporting, ease-of use, SMS communication, automated reminders, and a mobile-friendly interface.​ offered significant savings in the total cost of ownership due to the existing system’s high integration and hosting fees. “When the leadership team saw the business case and the advantages of,” he said, “the decision was a no-brainer.”

About the Customer

  • Industry: Healthcare Services​
  • Region: North America
  • Employees: 1,500​
  • Offices: **70+**​
  • Headquarters: Irving, TX​
  • Hiring Model: Centralized

The client offers personal in-home aged care services to ensure the safety, independence, and wellbeing of older North Americans. The company has dedicated, highly trained care workers available around the clock at locations throughout the United States.​

The single and integrated system of has given us a lower total cost of ownership while significantly improving user experience and recruiter productivity..​​

- Head of Talent Acquisition​

Ease of Use and Transparency Build Trust​

After implementing and training the client’s team on how to use it, the benefits quickly emerged for candidates, hiring teams, and the business.​​

Meet Candidates Where They Are​

The implementation of direct sourcing talent acquisition platform immediately made it easier to find and engage with candidates. “ is by far the most effective platform for our talent demographic,” the Head of Talent Acquisition said. From their phones, recruiters can now search for potential candidates, communicate with them, track their progress through the hiring process, and receive notifications about background and reference checks. Finally, recruiters can send offer letters and have candidates sign them digitally. “Being able to initiate background checks immediately after an interview makes sure that we don’t lose out to businesses with much shorter hiring processes,” the Head of Talent Acquisition said.​

Build Organizational Trust​

Before, “hiring was a laborious process with many manual steps and limited visibility into the roles and applicants.” With’s direct sourcing talent acquisition platform, hiring teams are now able to quickly and easily identify and engage with qualified candidates. enables hiring teams to quickly source, assess, and engage with qualified candidates, allowing them to find the perfect fit for the job. “It’s become more of a collaborative environment,” the Head of Talent Acquisition said. “When you’ve got transparency, you’ve got trust. Trust was no longer an issue.” ​ elevates the TA function in an organization because it organically educates, enables, and brings people together in a collaborative way to make informed hiring decisions.​

- Head of Talent Acquisition​

Improve Job Board ROI​

North American Talent Acquisition teams rely heavily on one platform for sourcing and hiring. Without access to the right data, they are unable to measure the effectiveness of their sources or know if they are missing out on potential hires by not using niche and regional job boards. With’s direct sourcing platform, teams can track custom sources and set up tracking IDs with open APIs. This allows them to measure which job boards net the most hires. “Our hiring teams love being able to drill down and see where our hires are coming from,” the Head of Talent Acquisition said, noting that almost 10% of hires now come from niche job boards. The insights they gain on what channels work best and where allow them to optimize sourcing channels, reallocate budget in real time, and spend more efficiently. “’s direct sourcing platform helped build the business case to increase our overall spend,” he said.​

Improved Candidate Experience Elevates TA Function​

Using had a significant impact on the experience for the client’s candidates: the time to complete an application dropped from 17 minutes to less than five. Time-to-fill decreased from 40 days to 18, and the overall candidate drop-off rate fell by 60%. “It gives candidates a completely different interpretation of our business,” the Head of Talent Acquisition said. “The direct sourcing talent acquisition platform has enabled the hiring process to be easy and efficient, letting candidates know that we prioritize their time and our commitment to their satisfaction.”​

In the client’s employee stay survey, the hiring and onboarding process received a satisfaction rate of more than 90%. The high level of satisfaction has extended to teams across the business: recruiters, hiring managers, compliance, and leadership. “The technology is an enabler across many layers and silos,” the Head of Talent Acquisition said. “ elevates the TA function in an organization because it organically educates, enables, and brings people together in a collaborative way to make informed hiring decisions.”​​

On a personal level, implementing gave the customer an opportunity for a career win. “The platform allowed me to improve the user experience and get the level of insight to prove that it works.” Now that’s a win-win: for candidates, for the client, and

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Key Outcomes​

  • Time-to-fill reduced to 14 days from 40​
  • Time to complete application reduced to 3-5 minutes from 19 minutes​
  • 59% decrease in candidate drop-off rate​
  • > 91% approval rating of the hiring process in employee survey​
  • Increased ROI on advertising spend by measuring sourcing effectiveness​ is a leading direct sourcing talent acquisition platform that helps businesses of all sizes find, engage, and hire the right talent quickly and cost-effectively. With its powerful AI-driven technology, enables recruiters to source more than 100 million passive candidates from over 200 countries and territories. also provides automated candidate engagement and comprehensive reporting to help its users make informed decisions. With features like multi-language search, auto-follow-up, and candidate outreach, is helping companies save up to 60% of their time in the hiring process and reduce their cost-per-hire by up to 70%. More than 5,000 businesses around the world, including the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM, are leveraging to optimize their hirin ​

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