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A North American Media & Technology Company Improves Efficiency with’s Integrations​

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Support Collaboration and Integrations​

The hiring team of the customer is responsible for hiring new employees of about 30 subsidiaries within the company’s national media segment and the customer Holding.​

To build a more efficient talent acquisition function, the company needed a system that would engage hiring managers and facilitate collaboration across hiring teams by keeping communications related to hires in one place. They also wanted to reduce the administrative burden of integrating with the SAP HCM.​

When the company set about looking for a new ATS, it knew integrations would be crucial to its success. In addition to SAP, the company’s new hiring system needed to integrate with its workers’ union hiring practices, Tableau, and SSO, among others.​​

Translate Operational Requirements into Technical Capabilities​

Manager, Talent Attraction at the customer, used her extensive knowledge of the hiring process and the learnings from the limitations to the old system to define outcomes for their instance. Working closely with IT and, she and a Talent Attraction colleague acted as “translators” between their operational needs and the technical requirements of the company’s instance. In addition to aligning hiring teams around everyday hiring practices, the configuration met the integration requirements outlined below.​


A middleware solution connects SAP HCM with When an HR business partner determines from within the HCM that a vacancy needs to be published, the system kicks off a process that sends it to with the required information. After the hiring team moves a candidate into the offer stage, triggers a connection back to the HCM, which alerts the HR business partner and hiring manager to finalize and send out the contract. With job IDs matched across both systems, this data connection enables accurate reporting and eliminates manual administration. ​

Worker’s Union​

In North America, the worker’s union must be notified when a hire is about to be made. is configured to notify the worker’s union at the required stage in the process. From’s user profiles configured to the exact level of visibility required by GDPR, members of the union can consult a list of names of all candidates for that position, check their profiles, and review data needed to approve the hire.​

About the Customer​

  • Industry: Media & Tech
  • Region: North America​
  • Employees: 600​
  • Headquarters: Mountain View, California​
  • Offices: Mountain View, California
  • Hiring Model: Centralized​

​The customer is a venture of North America’s popular digital publishing house. As a future-driven organization, the customer is the basis for the strong foundation of the company’s successful North American media brands. With about 600 employees, the company ensures that its national media brands, are ideally positioned to drive journalism in the future and make it accessible to everyone.​

We chose because the integrations are so simple. The system does not limit the business of a hiring team; rather it makes more options possible.​​

- Manager, Talent Attraction​


The customer constantly welcomes new employees who become users of as interviewers, hiring managers, and recruiters. The manual setup of new users was cumbersome, so the team worked together to create a connection between their active directory and through middleware. Now, new user setup is automated through SSO.​


As a user of Tableau, the customer wanted to build meaningful reports on its Talent Attraction data. But as with any reporting tool, people must use it properly to get effective data. The thoughtful implementation of and its ease of use supported its adoption, resulting in actionable Tableau Talent Attraction dashboards. The team is now linking up HCM data with data for a full-scale picture of the talent lifecycle.​

Additionally, is configured with AI-powered algorithms for automating the deletion of candidate information in compliance with privacy laws, but still retain anonymous activity data. Now the team can examine historical data and track progress on benchmarks over time.​

Key Outcomes​

  • 4 integrations completed since implementation.​
  • 1 more integration to come in 2023 (SAP BI)​
  • 38% faster feedback from hiring managers​
  • 5 more North America’s popular digital publishing companies switched to, with more to come​
Are systems holding your team back from achieving your hiring goals? Let’s discuss how to configure a system that works with your current setup. ​

The team brings not only the technological and platform background but also knowledge and best practices from other customers they have worked with.​​

- Manager, Talent Attraction​

Efficient Workflows Build Talent Acquisition Maturity​

Before implementing, the Manager – Talent Attraction and her team had laid the groundwork for moving talent acquisition to become a strategic partner in the business. With, they were able to fully realize the benefits of all the work they had done to establish structured processes because the system supported that goal. “The hiring team is really happy about having an efficient workflow,” the Manager – Talent Attraction said. Using the notifications, the notes function, the in-product interview scheduling, and the rating system helps them make collaborative hiring decisions.​

Looking to the future, the addition of CRM integrations and AI-powered sourcing tools will help the team further streamline their process and ensure they are finding the best possible candidates for every role. This will be especially beneficial in a tight labor market as they will be able to quickly and easily access a larger pool of potential candidates. Additionally, the team is excited to utilize the reporting and analytics capabilities of to make data-driven decisions and better understand their hiring process.​

Overall, the customer team has a positive attitude toward the system. After the huge reduction in administrative upkeep thanks to integrations, the Manager – Talent Attraction said, “It’s fun to work on new solutions and integrations with IT, HR, and hiring managers.”​ is a leading direct sourcing talent acquisition platform that helps businesses of all sizes find, engage, and hire the right talent quickly and cost-effectively. With its powerful AI-driven technology, enables recruiters to source more than 100 million passive candidates from over 200 countries and territories. also provides automated candidate engagement and comprehensive reporting to help its users make informed decisions. With features like multi-language search, auto-follow-up, and candidate outreach, is helping companies save up to 60% of their time in the hiring process and reduce their cost-per-hire by up to 70%. More than 5,000 businesses around the world, including the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM, are leveraging to optimize their hi

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