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A multinational corporation was struggling with high employee turnover rates and a lack of diversity within their workforce​​

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A multinational corporation was struggling with high employee turnover rates and a lack of diversity within their workforce. The company had been relying on traditional job posting methods and employee referrals, which had limited success in attracting a diverse pool of qualified candidates.​


The company decided to implement direct human sourcing tools to broaden their reach and attract a more diverse pool of candidates. These tools allowed the company to create and manage job postings across multiple platforms and social media channels, making it easier for candidates to find and apply for open positions. The tools also provided the company with the ability to track and manage candidate applications in a centralized location, making it easier to identify and communicate with qualified candidates.​


Implementing these direct human sourcing tools had several benefits for the company. Firstly, the company was able to attract a more diverse pool of candidates, which helped to address their diversity and inclusion goals. Secondly, the tools made it easier for candidates to apply for open positions, resulting in an increase in the number of qualified applications. Thirdly, the centralized management of candidate applications made it easier for recruiters to track and manage candidates, resulting in a more efficient hiring process. Finally, the use of these tools helped to reduce employee turnover rates, as the company was able to identify and hire more qualified candidates who were a better fit for the organization.​ is a leading direct sourcing talent acquisition platform that helps businesses of all sizes find, engage, and hire the right talent quickly and cost-effectively. With its powerful AI-driven technology, enables recruiters to source more than 100 million passive candidates from over 200 countries and territories. also provides automated candidate engagement and comprehensive reporting to help its users make informed decisions. With features like multi-language search, auto-follow-up, and candidate outreach, is helping companies save up to 60% of their time in the hiring process and reduce their cost-per-hire by up to 70%. More than 5,000 businesses around the world, including the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM, are leveraging to optimize their hiring efforts and build top-performing teams.

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